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Accessibility and help

Accessibility and help

Accessibility aims

The site complies with the W3C norm (XHTML1.0 transitional) as well as the highest accessibility standard for internet services in the French public sector.

Text size

The texts of the contents can be enlarged as required.
The browser headings allow easy modification of text size:
Internet Explorer: View menu, select Text size then select a size option.
Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape: use the [Ctrl+] keys to zoom in and [Ctrl-] keys to zoom out.
Opera: Press the + or - keys of the numeric keypad. Or else go to the View: Zoom menu and choose a size option.

Navigation aids

Links at the start of each document enable navigation to be made easier. The disabled, and in particular the visually impaired, can access the part they are seeking as soon as the page is loaded, thus avoiding the need to search through information that is not required.
Navigation of the site can be done by using the Tab key. This key can be used to go from one link to another, followed by the Enter key to execute.

Keyboard shortcuts (access keys)

Keyboard shortcuts are available for navigating between the key pages of the site. The use of these shortcuts varies according to the browser being used.
1 = Go to main menu (Return to Home page and choice of headings)
2 = Go to submenu (subheadings)
3 = Go to text contents
4 = Go to site map
5 = Accessibility and help

Configuration required

The site is optimised for screens with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and thousands of colours.
It can be consulted on PCs with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 or later), Firefox (version 2), on Macs with Safari (version 2), Firefox.

Since the site contains many sound clips and high-resolution images, a broadband connection is advisable.
You should also check that your speakers are connected and the sound is turned up.

Sound clips, animations, slide shows, zooms and archives

The Flash 8 plug-in is required for animations and sound clips, as well as tools for accessing slide shows, zooms and archives.

It is recommended that you download a recent version of Flash Player.

Panoramic views

The QuickTime plug-in is required for showing panoramic view of the Court of Cassation.
It is recommended that you download a recent version of QuickTime.