Letter from Alfred to Lucie Dreyfus dated 26.12.1898

"Let us confidently await the Supreme Court's decision, just as we confidently await the verdict of the new judges before whom this decision will send me.
At the same time as your letter, I received a certified copy of the application for review and of the decision of the Court of Cassation declaring it to be admissible. It was with singular emotion that I read the terms of your request for review, in which you express so admirably-as I have already expressed in my previous requests-the feelings that sustain me, by requesting that an end be put to the torments of an innocent man-and, I would add, to the torments of a noble woman, and of their children and families-of an innocent man who has always been a loyal soldier, one who has never ceased, even in the midst of the worst sufferings of an unearned punishment, to proclaim his ardent love for his country, for its greatness in every domain, a country for which he has given all, sacrificed all, a country to which, after the end of dismal drama, as before, he will be ready to give his life, and his faith in ultimate justice.»