Letter from Alfred to Lucie Dreyfus dated 20.03.1895

"The faster you clear my name, the faster you shorten my martyrdom.
I have done more for your than the deepest love can bring about; I have endured the worst torment that a good-hearted man can be subjected to; now you must do the impossible to restore my honor if you wish me to live.
My situation is not yet final, I am still locked away.
I will not speak to you of my material circumstances, they are of no interest to me. The physical deprivations, as they are, are nothing. I want only one thing, of which I dream both night and day, with which fills my brain each instant-that my honor, which has never failed me, is restored to me.
I have not yet been given the books that I brought with me, they are awaiting orders.
Continue to send me journals by the next mail."