Letter from Lucie to Alfred Dreyfus dated 15.12.1896

"My dear Alfred,
This month, I was hoping to receive to some letters from you, how I would enjoy reading a nice, long chat; having received none, I took out your letters from the month of October, I read and reread them. With inexpressible joy, I found in them that great energy that I so admire, that sustains you in the frightful struggle that you have taken on with such noble courage, which will lead you to our ultimate goal; your rehabilitation. The feelings that you express are in keeping with my own, each of us has our duty, no matter how hard it may be, and we must carry it out. Yours is to physically sustain yourself with all the will in your possession, to control your nerves so that you do not allow yourself to be beaten down, in order to join us in the resounding victory of truth. My duty lies before me; its shape is simple and consists of only one thing that is right and that is our due; the full and complete truth!"