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France on the threshold of the 20th century
A steady but controversial government
A parliamentary democracy
French society
France and the world
Public education
Political challenges
Trade union challenges
An end to crisis
A structured court system
The civil justice system
The military justice system
The new army
Military society
The goal: Never again 1870!
The War Ministry
The Army General Staff Office
The French and the army
Espionage and counter-espionage
The French and the Dreyfus Affair
Jews in France
France and the Jews prior to the emancipation of 1791
Jews and the Republican State
Anti-semitism at the turn of the century
The formation of public opinion
The Press
Brochures and popular songs
The churches and freemasonry
The two camps and the high point of the anti-dreyfusards
The role of intellectuals
Alfred Dreyfus and his family
The social rise of an Alsatian family
The social rise of a family
Successful mill owners
France's choice after 1871
The itinerary of a French officer
An alsatian at the Ecole Polytechnique
An artillery officer
A patriot at the Ecole Superieure de Guerre
The cashiering of a General Staff Officer
The prisoner of Devil's Island
Commander Alfred Dreyfus
The support of family and friends
Lucie, the unwavering spouse
Mathieu, the admirable brother
The family mobilizes
The support of Zadoc Kahn and the Reinach brothers
Bernard Lazare, the first Dreyfusard
The long road to justice
From the first review to the amnesty
First steps
New evidence and the work of the lawyers
The first review
The preparation of the Rennes trial
The second conviction
A brief appeal and the presidential pardon
The law of amnesty
Towards the quashing of the case without appeal
The captain's affair
Jaures's struggles
The investigation of Captain Targe
The review process
From closing arguments to the Moras report
Dreyfus's innocence proclaimed
The publication of the decree clearing Dreyfus
The aftermath of the Affair
From eyewitnesses to historians
Dreyfus rejoins the ranks
Lieutenant colonel Alfred Dreyfus
Memories of the affair
The constant hostility of Maurras's supporters
The affair since the 1930s
Intellectuals in politics
Zola, a moment of human conscience
The memory of Jaurès, a powerful orator
The dreyfusard spirit in the 20th century
The struggle for Human Rights
Justice and tolerance: the secular struggles
The founding of the League of Human Rights
The league and the innocence of dreyfus
The league of Human Rights in the 20th century
France, the country of Human Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Dreyfus in history