Annulment decree dated 3 June 1899

"Please inform Captain Dreyfus immediately of the cassation verdict as follows: "The Court quashes and annuls the decision handed down on 22 December 1894 against Alfred Dreyfus by the 1st court-martial of the military government of Paris and sends the accused back before the Rennes court-martial, etc.
The present decree shall be printed and transcribed into the registers of the 1st court-martial of the military government of Paris in the margin of the quashed verdict; in accordance with this decree, Captain Dreyfus is longer subject to deportation regulations, becomes a simple defendant, is restored to his rank, and may put on his uniform."
Order the prison administration to end detention and remove military guards from Devil's Island, at the same time have the defendant taken in custody by the captain of the troops and replace the guards by a police brigade that will ensure guard duty from Devil's Island in the manner prescribed in military prisons.
Cruiser Sfax leaves today from Fort-de-France with orders to pick up defendant from Devil's Island and bring him to France.
Communicate to Captain Dreyfus the arrangements for arrival and departure of Sfax."