Letter from Alfred to Lucie Dreyfus dated 1 June 1899

"My dear Lucie,
A few lines to come and have a chat with you, during these days in which, more than ever, if that is possible, my thoughts and my heart are with you, and the entire family.
The hearing has finally begun before the Court of Cassation, and the Rapporteur has decided on quashing the verdict with possibility of appeal. I think if the Court does not quash without appeal, it will certainly quash it with appeal and suspension of the sentence. I hope that the Court's decision will reach me in time so that I can take the letter and bring it with me at the same time as this one.
It matters little whether the verdict is annulled with or without appeal. My faith in our country's justice system is the same, whether it is that of the Supreme Court or that of the court-martial."